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Come on in and have a look around. Listen to Jerry’s CD’s! Check out his touring schedule! Spend a week with Jerry and Kristy at Pride Resort in Maggie Valley North Carolina!  Scroll down to download all the information on the NEW CALLERLAB “SAVE SQUARE DANCING” initiative.  If you are ready for change we are here to help you.  You can also download Caller Training material and study directly with Jerry.

Contact him at  jerrystory@aol.com

He is always available for private Caller Training & Leadership Seminars

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Fairfield Square Dance Renaissance

Jerry's home town in Iowa is experiencing a square dance renaissance of sorts. For more information, see


2021 Alaska Cruise

Cruise Flyer

July 9-16, 2021

See flyer for packages

Iowa Square Dance Academy

Dance Academy Flyer

Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Cancelled due to sale of hotel!

Sustainable Square Dancing

Tools For A Prosperous Future!

This is a living document that will be updated regularly.  The document at this time it is still in committee where it is going thru final edits.  When the edits are finished the document will go to committee for approval.  You are encouraged to join the CL Sustainable Square Dancing Committee and stay in tune with what’s happening.  It’s very exciting and it’s our future!

CALLERLAB SSD 50 Teach Guide
revised October, 2018

Pride Resort

Maggie Valley Schedule
Visit www.pridervresort.com


WIPAC flyer

Wisconsin ♦ Plus ♦ Advanced ♦ Challenge

Washington County Fairgrounds
West Bend, Wisconsin
Labor Day Weekend

All Star Staff ♦ 4 Full Time Halls

WIPAC Website

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